Dr. Pamela Norris, Mechanical Engineer

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Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Executive Associate Dean for Research
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
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Dr. Norris is the founder and director of three labs at UVA: the Nanoscale Heat Transfer Laboratory, the Aerogel Research Laboratory, and the Soft Materials Laboratory.

The Aerogel Research Lab is active in aerogel production and material modification techniques, flow characterization studies, acoustic studies, and in the development of thin film coatings for electrical, acoustical, and thermal isolation in sensors.

The Microscale Heat Transfer Laboratory houses a state-of-the-art laboratory facility for optical techniques in microscale heat transfer and performs experimental, computational, and theoretical investigations of thin-film thermophysical properties and interfacial thermal transport.

The Soft Materials Lab was established to produce a biomimetic artificial cell from electro-active polymer materials, and develop an artificial cardiac myocyte cell.

Her current research interests include: thermal management, optical measurement techniques, microscale heat transfer, thin-film thermophysical properties, integration of sol-gel materials into microanalytical devices and sensors, and advancement of aerogel technology.


Visit all of Dr. Norris’ labs and learn more about how her research is being applied to solve real world problems.

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