Dr. Maite Brandt-Pearce, Electrical Engineer

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Professor, Electrical Engineering
Executive Associate Dean for Research
School of Engineering & Applied Science
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My lab is the Optical Communications Research Group. Our research explores the use of signal processing, communication theory, and optical techniques to design high capacity optical multiuser/multichannel communications systems and networks.

One area we are working on is Visible Light Communications. LED lamps have recently become the technology of choice for lighting in many environments, from indoor office spaces to outdoor vehicular use. These LED lights can be modulated at relatively high speeds, opening up the possibility to use them to provide simultaneously illumination and data transmission, so-called visible light communications (VLC). One of the most compelling applications for VLC is in large unobstructed indoor spaces where many users desire concurrent high-speed connectivity, such as conference centers and classrooms; Wi-Fi fails here because of its limited spectrum re-use. Other promising applications include indoor geo-location, vehicle-to-anything (V2X) communications, indoor positioning, and transmission inside airplane cabins. In our research we consider modulation, signal processing, user tracking, and resource allocation for this new optical communications modality.


Visit Dr. Brandt-Pearce’s lab and learn more about optical communications, Optical Multiuser/Multichannel Communications Lab. View videos of research presentations on VLC

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