Media Portraits

To create the twenty-eight media portraits in this section, we sent an announcement inviting all women faculty in the UVA STEM departments to participate in the photo exhibit. The women who chose to participate then decided how they would be represented, both in the photographs and in the written text. So each woman designed her photo portrait’s setting, including location, pose, portrayal, and who else would be in the photo. As a result, these women’s self-representation is diverse: in their labs, with family members or graduate students, or in their favorite locations around Charlottesville,Virginia.
After the photos were taken, we asked the participants to write a research sketch that answered the following questions:

  1. What research questions have you been trying to answer during your career?
  2. How have these changed over time?
  3. What excites you about your research now?

In their own words, we read another portrait; one of exploration, technical prowess, and efforts to make people’s lives better by solving problems through their research.

The faculty pages include links to their research labs and other media so that you can continue to explore.


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